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How To Trade With Volume Profile Zerodha Kite In Intraday?

Volume Profile

Volume profile is an advanced indicator that plots volume in a different way. Instead of normal way of plotting volume below the price in most charting platforms Zerodha has introduced a special volume chart in Zerodha Kite. I will show how to successfully trade in intraday basis using Volume Profile Zerodha Kite.

If you do not have access to Zerodha Kite please apply for an account by clicking HERE. You

Coal India Share Price Trend – Sell All The Rallies

Coal India Stock Trend

In the long lasting bull market it became a bit tough to get a good trading scrip as the market is not correcting as it should. Unless and until we get a good correction it becomes risky to enter the trades. Neither the selling candidates are good enough as anytime you can see a short squeeze and you can be trapped. Today I have done a scan with my favourite TTTB

How To Earn Weekly 120 Points Using Crude Oil Live Chart

In this post I will show you how to earn 120 points per week from MCX crude oil trading using crude oil live chart. Like my other strategies this is once again a very simple strategy and it needs no costly software. You broker’s chart is enough. I suggest Zerodha Pi OR Zerodha Kite charts.

Multi Time Frame Analysis: This system uses multi time frame analysis. We will go with only the main trend. The main trend will be decided using daily candles. First open the daily

What Is Bank Nifty Target 2017? Make OR Break Analysis

Bank Nifty Target 2017

What Can be the Bank Nifty Target 2017?
Last few analysis I have mainly concentrated on Nifty index. Those who are new to this site dont know that I have predicted 9150 in Nifty when Nifty was trading at 9600. The prediction gave a super 550 points gain to our readers. You can read the post at: Fresh Breakout? What Is The Next Target Of Nifty? Once our target zone hits I asked to stay in sidelines.

But what in store for Bank Nifty? Watch the image below. You can see that