Option Max Pain Excel – Option Max Pain Calculator FREE

Option Max Pain Excel

Option Max Pain Excel refers to the way of calculating option max pain in excel sheet. This process is very useful and trade friendly. Option max pain is also known as max pain in options. […]

MACD Indicator Strategy, MACD Formula

MACD Indicator Strategy

MACD indicator strategy / MACD formula helps one to understand immediate direction of the underlying. It is known as Moving Average Convergence Divergence which is abbreviated as MACD. The MACD indicator strategy was developed by […]

Williams Percent R Strategy- Know Your Stock Movement In Advance

williams percent r strategy

William percent R indicator is a momentum indicator that measures the overbought/ oversold levels. It was developed by Larry williams. Williams percent R strategy helps us to take buy/ sell position in advance before the […]

Option Calculator Formula – Calculate Options Greeks

option calculator

We know, options are different priced than the underlying. Options have some inherent characteristics which differentiate them from futures and stocks. Options are priced by keeping into account the market risk an investor faces when […]

Delta Neutral Strategy – A Low Risk Hedged Strategy

Delta Neutral Strategy

Taking cue from my previous post on option greeks I start today with a strategy on how to use delta value to make delta neutral strategy. Such strategies may be standard options strategies or synthetic […]