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How To Know Gold Price Next Week Support Resistance On Weekend?

Next Weeks Support Resistance

For every commodity trader trading in gold its a big question on every weekend that what is gold price next week support resistance? It will be easier to trade OR rather start the week easily if you get clear resistance and support areas before Monday’s trade. In this post I will show you how to find the support and resistance in weekend spending just 5 minutes of your time.

We will use a simple pivot calculator to find the support and resistance levels beforehand. You can get many <a href="

Watch These Two Extreme Stocks Idea For Month End Trading

Month End Trading

This week is going to be a holiday truncated week. Friday becoming a holiday, the week will pre-maturely end on Thursday, 23rd of February, 2017. Recently I have coded Larry Connors %B method and combined that with Connors RSI and 2-period RSI on Amibroker to build my Extreme Trading Toolkit. Now let me analyze few stocks with the toolkit. I have done a scan and found 2 scrips that are ripe for immediate bounce and they can be your bet for month end trading.

I have created an Amibroker exploration

Why You Must Join This Algorithmic Trading Training Online Course?

Learn Algorithmic Trading

So, algo trading or auto trading is in the air for quite some time now. Previously also I have written posts on algo trading OR auto trading OR algorithmic trading in my site. You han read my earlier post here: How To Start Auto Trading Or Algo Trading In NSE or MCX Using Amibroker. In fact I am working on this subject since 2013 from my good old days with Master Capital Services

Nifty Above 8820 Finally, Now Where Is Nifty Headed?

Where Is Nifty Headed

Last trading day Nifty have finally closed above its short term resistance mark of 8820. Last Friday Nifty opened close to 8900 and tested 8820 from there on the downside, bounced up and retested 8820 again and finally managed to close at 8821.70. Now where is Nifty headed? Is it a breakout from the range?

Aparently it looks like a breakout from the range, still last day’s bear candle does not support a bull run either. The inherent bias is still UP, so buy on dips may be the strategy but

ATR Bounce Trading System – A Classic Example

ATR Bounce Trading System

Few day’s ago I have written a post on trading the ATR. Those who has not read the post can visit the post now to read here: Catch The Exact Top And Bottom Of The Market With ATR Indicator. I named this trading strategy valueas ATR Bounce Trading Strategy OR ATR Bounce Trading System.

The idea of ATR Bounce Trading System is very simple. Just watch the daily reading of the 14-day ATR OR averate true range indicator or a particular stock or index or commodity. Suppose the closing price of