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Nifty Trend Analysis: My Nifty Target 9180 Hits, Now What Is Nifty View?

Nifty View

So finally my Nifty target of 9180 hits. Those who are recently started following me can read my post Fresh Breakout? What Is The Next Target Of Nifty? Way back in January I posted my Nifty trend target of 9180. Never miss this kind of trading alerts, to stay connected please subscribe to my email updates in the email subscribe form below this post and also in the sidebar

Intraday Renko Trading System On Sharekhan Trade Tiger

Sharekhan Trade Tiger

Last month I have written a post on renko trading system in the Nifty index. You can read the post here: 2 Ways To Minimize Whipsaw Using Nifty Renko Charts. In this post I will discuss how to open renko charts on Sharekhan Trade Tiger. Apart from TradeTiger, Zerodha Pi and Zerodha Kite both also offers good renko chart.

First run and login to Sharekhan Trade Tiger. Open a blank market watch. Now I will add near months Nifty future scrip by choosing DERIVATIVES then SCRIP –> Nifty, EXPIRY

UP Election Result 2017 Are Out – Why 9180 Is Crucial Level For Nifty?

UP Election Result 2017

My readers know that since end of January 2017 I am talking of 9180 on Nifty. Those who dont know the significance of 9180 should first read my January’s post Fresh Breakout? What Is The Next Target Of Nifty? My target is almost done and last week I had asked to create an anticipatory short in my post <a href="

Step-By-Step Guide To Omnesys Nest Trader Chart Settings

Nest Plus Chart

Though nowadays after the launch of ZERODHA PI Omnesys Nest Trader is not so popular among traders, still till date a large chunk of traders are using Nest Trader platform. Brokers like Samco, SASOnline, Master Capital, BMA etc and literally all new and small brokers are still providing Nest Trader to their clients. There is still lack of information on the net about Omnesys Nest Trader chart settings. So lets go through a step-by-step guide on how we can open a chart in Nest Trader platform.


Use This NSE Technical Stock Screener For Profitable Trades

Free NSE Stock Screener

For long time I was thinking to build a NSE technical stock screener for my visitors. My concept of the stock screener was it should be free, it should be simple and it should be easy to use. So finally I managed to build a simple and easy to use stock screener for my site. You can access this free technical stock screener HERE.

How to use the NSE technical stock screener? The stock scanner / stock screener is build on excel and hosted at google drive. The first row shows