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Analyzing Haldyn Glass Ltd – Good Bet Among Glass Stocks

Haldyn Glass Ltd

Today I will be analyzing one from the glass stocks – Haldyn Glass Ltd. A candidate from the midcap space the company serves various industries. They supplies glass and bottles to liquor space, cosmatics, food and beverages etc. The production capacity is roughly about 350 tonnes on a per day basis. They have 2 glass melting furnaces and the melting capacity is 350 T / day. The company can produce 1.5M high quality containers every day.

The company also supplies 30% of its production to the

Reliance Industries Share Price Analysis – Reason Of The Big Jump

Reliance Jio

If you want to do the Reliance Industries Share Price Analysis, first thing you will do is to look at its chart. And what a nice chart, yesterday the stock price has made a breakout over its 8 years price range and has formed a big bull daily candle. It is clearly noted that the stock has just come out of the sideways slumber of last eight years. Reliance Monthly Chart February 2017 The reason for the big surge was Mr. Mukesh Ambani’s Tuesday’s speech where he announced that they are going to stop the

India Cements Ltd – Post Budget 2017 Top Pick

India Cements Logo

Tradebulls Securities has declared their top picks after the union budget 2017. According to Rajen Shah of Tradebulls this year’s budget is the masterstroke of the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. The budget focusses on agriculture, rural areas and on affordable housing. According to him India Cements Ltd is going to be one of the most performing scrips after the budget 2017.

Two things in this world are of utmost importance to the human being. One is food and the other is residence. So

NIIT Ltd – The Dark Horse For 2017 As Picked By Edelweiss


Recently Edelweiss has published their research report on NIIT Ltd, a stock from the education space, Recently NIIT has come up with their Q3 results. The results are not impressive. PAT is at 6 crores Vs 13.7 crores YOY. Revenue at 267.3 crores Vs 262.3 crores YOY. EBITDA at 3% Vs

In an interview the CEO of the company has told that the corporate learning group grew 14% in CC terms, added 3 new clients. He also added that 70% of the total retail business is transacted in cash. So the company