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Download Nifty Future Historical Data And NSE BSE Bhavcopy For Amibroker

In this post I will show you how to download Nifty future historical data (bhavcopy) as well as NSE BSE bhavcopy and import the data to Amibroker. We will use a small utility called GetBhavCopy by Hemen Kapadia to download the data. First download GetBhavCopy from end of this post.

Once you download the zip file save it to your computer and unzip the file. You will be able to see Getbhavcopy.exe file. I suggest you to create 3 folders: NSE, NFO and BSE in the same folder where actually we will

Use This NSE Technical Stock Screener For Profitable Trades

Free NSE Stock Screener

For long time I was thinking to build a NSE technical stock screener for my visitors. My concept of the stock screener was it should be free, it should be simple and it should be easy to use. So finally I managed to build a simple and easy to use stock screener for my site. You can access this free technical stock screener HERE.

How to use the NSE technical stock screener? The stock scanner / stock screener is build on excel and hosted at google drive. The first row shows

Budget 2017 Review – What We Got And What Is Missed

Budget 2017 Review

When we are doing the Budget 2017 Review the first question arises what are the major announcements done by Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley in Union Budget 2017? Somehow and somewhere the Finance Minister has heartily tried to give everyone something or the other and this is the first budget after 2005 which received such a big thumbs up from the stock market.

The FM in his speech highlighted that 2 crores of the people go to foreign but how many of them actually pay tax? So those who are to