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What Is ELSS Mutual Fund? Quick Guide To Know ELSS Meaning

What is ELSS?
We all look for tax saving options in the month of March, i.e the end of the financial year and our tax consultant tells us to invest in ELSS. But most of us dont know ELSS meaning. In the hurry to save tax in year end instead of trying to know mre about ELSS we generally make some random tax saving decisions. In this post I will try to describe ELSS in simple terms.

ELSS meaning and full form is EQUITY LINKED SAVINGS SCHEME. An ELSS generally offer the following:<br

Large Cap Equity Mutual Fund – Best Funds To Invest

In my last post I have analysed few equity multicap funds. You can read my last post here: A Quick Guide On Top Performing Mutual Funds 2017. In the last post I have analyzed equity multi cap funds. Now it is the time to analyze the large cap equity mutual fund arena.

We have handpicked these few funds as our bet for the large cap equity mutual fund category. Watch the image below: Large Cap Equity Mutual Fund Out of the four funds Quantam Long Term Equity Fund is a emerging fund in our list. We thought that

A Quick Guide On Top Performing Mutual Funds 2017

Top Mutual Funds To Invest In 2017

As you know that the stock market is alsways noisy. But this year its going to be more noisy post demonitisation. It has the potential, the scale of noise could be such that it can exceed 2016. So its time that we make a list for top performing mutual funds 2017 and be prepared.

In 2016 we have seen BREXIT, we have seen US Presidential Election and a fairly unexpected outcome of the same, we have seen demonitisation etc. So we have seen all kind of drama. We are anticipating hike in the interest