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What Is EBITDA Full Form? Know The Importance Of EBITDA Margin

In our last post for investors I had discussed about EPS or earnings per share. You can read this post: What Is EPS? Earnings Per Share Importance For Investors. Now, the earnings season is approaching. In CNBC TV18 we everyday listen to a specific term. EBITDA. Now, what is EBITDA full form. Why is EBITDA margin so important for someone willing to invest in a companies share.

EBITDA full form stands for Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation & Amortization. Its a different way for potential

Why Most Traders Fail And How To Avoid Repeating Same Mistakes

Most Traders Fail

In my last 17 years of experience of the stock market I have seen many ups and downs. I have started my journey in the stock market as a swing trader way back in 2000. After that I have seen the big bull run of 2003-2007, then I saw the bear market crash of 2008, once again a bull run of 2009, choppy sideways phase of 2010-2011 and again a bull run in 2016-2017. In my 17 years I have seen most traders fail and they blame on the market, their broker, their tips provider, their charting tool. But

What Is EPS? Earnings Per Share Importance For Investors

What Is Earnings Per Share

In CNBC or ET Now every day you listen to a term called EPS. Now what is EPS? The full form of EPS is Earnings Per Share. But what is the earnings per share importance for stock market investors? Why is the term EPS so important for someone going to invest in a stock for long term?

Earnings Per Share is the net earnings of the company divided by the number of shares of the company. So its a per share version of the performance of the company in terms of its profits. So another word for Earnings

Zerodha Vs Sharekhan – Whom Should You Choose?

Zerodha Vs Sharekhan, I receive this question many a times. In fact Sharekhan is a broker who is their for more than a decade. Even I have my account in Sharekhan since 2003. In fact it is Sharekhan who has brought the technology to the traders of India. Remember the good old days of Trade Tiger when it was the only technologically advanced platform.

But now Zerodha has taken over Sharekhan in 2 ways. Number one is brokerage. You can save a lot in brokerage switching to Zerodha from Sharekhan

IPO Watch – Free Android App On Your Mobile

IPO Watch Android App

NFPL has come out with a very simple but useful android app – IPO Watch. To download the app please go to google playstore and search for IPO Watch. All upcoming IPO in NSE and BSE are listed in the app.

What is an IPO? IPO or initial public offerrings are when first time a companies share is listed on the stock exchange. Generally IPOs are offerred at the face value ort at some premiums to the public. It is also called the primary market. Many investors mainly invest in the IPOs and