Depository Participant Meaning & DP Charges In Zerodha

DP charges in Zerodha

DP can be described as the agent which act as an intermediary between the depository and the investor. Depository Participant meaning in India is a legal agent who is bound by the¬†Depositories Act. DP and […]

Zerodha Pi Scanner – Get Instant Trading Alerts

Scanner Zerodha Pi

Few months back Zerodha has introduced Zerodha Pi scanner in their Pi terminal. The scanner is specially helpful in getting trading alerts in live markets. Lets discuss how we can successfully use the Zerodha Pi […]

How To Put Correct Stop Loss Trigger Price?

Stop Loss Order

In my 22 years of theoratical experience in the stock market and last 15 years of practical experience in trading I have seen the most important factor in intraday OR short term swing trading is […]

Step-By-Step Guide To Apply IPO Through Zerodha With Netbanking

Apply IPO Through Zerodha

In this post we will discuss how to apply IPO through Zerodha? Before coming to the main point lets discuss what are the pre-requisites. Zerodha demat account name Zerodha demat account account number PAN number […]

How To Trade With Volume Profile Zerodha Kite In Intraday?

Volume Profile

Volume profile is an advanced indicator that plots volume in a different way. Instead of normal way of plotting volume below the price in most charting platforms Zerodha has introduced a special volume chart in […]