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Quandl – Download Free Amibroker End Of Day Data

Are you an intraday trader OR a positional swing trader? What ever kind of trader are you, it cant be denied that you need a good quality end of day data for technical analysis. I have seen that specially intraday traders do not use or look to end of day charts. But its a completely wrong approach. You can be an intraday trader, you can trade on 5 minutes OR 15 minutes time frame but for a bigger analysis you must consult the end of day chart. The main reason for consulting end of day chart is

Watch These Two Extreme Stocks Idea For Month End Trading

Month End Trading

This week is going to be a holiday truncated week. Friday becoming a holiday, the week will pre-maturely end on Thursday, 23rd of February, 2017. Recently I have coded Larry Connors %B method and combined that with Connors RSI and 2-period RSI on Amibroker to build my Extreme Trading Toolkit. Now let me analyze few stocks with the toolkit. I have done a scan and found 2 scrips that are ripe for immediate bounce and they can be your bet for month end trading.

I have created an Amibroker exploration

Why You Must Join This Algorithmic Trading Training Online Course?

Learn Algorithmic Trading

So, algo trading or auto trading is in the air for quite some time now. Previously also I have written posts on algo trading OR auto trading OR algorithmic trading in my site. You han read my earlier post here: How To Start Auto Trading Or Algo Trading In NSE or MCX Using Amibroker. In fact I am working on this subject since 2013 from my good old days with Master Capital Services

Designing A Trading System On Amibroker Like Big Trends Toolkit

Price Headleys Big Trends Toolkit

Few days ago I had written on Acceleration Bands in my post here: Acceleration Bands Trading – New Way To Trade Options. So, as we know that the acceleration bands has been developed by Price Headley the founder of BigTrends and he has also developed the Big Trends Toolkit for Metastock that has the experts and explorations built-in.

The acceleration bands has been developed to find extreme price movements and to catch the rare 5% moves when the price of a scrip really accelerates. That time

Acceleration Bands Trading – New Way To Trade Options

Acceleration Bands Amibroker AFL

The Acceleration Bands trading system has been created by BidTrends and mainly invented by the founder of BigTrends Mr. Price Headley. It was basically created because many traders suffer with moving averages. Whenever a stock or a commodity breaks out they never retests major moving averages due to they are accelarating so furiously. So acceleration bands were created to highlight this acceleration. BigTrends has also created a trading system out of the acceleration band.

To use the acceleration