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Picks For Muhurat Trading 2016

Muhurat Trading Time for 2016: This year on 30th October Sunday Muhurat Trading will take place from 6:30PM – 7:30PM. Like all the years this year too we will focus on few picks for Muhurat Trading 2016.

RBL Bank:
CMP: 374.65

RBL Bank (RBL) has been among the fastest growing private sector banks in the past 5‐6 years, with advances CAGR of 61.9% over FY2011‐FY2016. RBL has a wide range of products, catering to various segments from Corporates to Retail. RBL Bank Logo Over the past

Safe Investment – Zerodha Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme

Who ought to apply in Zerodha Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme?
Any individual who means to put into physical gold (coins, bars, biscuits) or gold ETF’s.

Apply now:

Why to invest in Zerodha Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme? Get Gold’s market returns + Fixed 2.75% every year on contributed investment. Ensured by Government of India Zerodha Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme Government is paying an altered 2.5% every year return on contributed

What Is Intrinsic Value? Download Stock Intrinsic Value Calculator FREE

This   user   guide   will   not   demonstrate   how   discounted   cash   flow   (DCF)   or discounted earnings per share (EPS) valuation works. We will not be going through DCF’s complex formulas nor explain the meaning and rationale behind the calculations.

Investopedia has covered well about the method which you can read about it here.

Download DCF spreadsheet from below of the post.

The   spreadsheet   which   you   have   downloaded   is   supposed   to   be   “Plug

Various Kinds of Investment Options for Individuals

Various Kinds of Investment Options for Individuals. In the vast field of various kinds of investment options for individuals we need a clear concept about that. There are various kinds of investment options. This incorporates stocks, bonds, and cash. Sounds basic, correct? Actually, shockingly, it gets exceptionally confounded from that point. You see, each one kind of investment has various kind of investment options that fall under it.

There is a considerable amount to research every diverse

The Different Types of Bonds : Survival Guide For US Investors

The Different Types of Bonds : Survival Guide For US Investors.Putting resources into bonds is extremely sheltered under strict governmental regulations and so the returns are normally great and sure . There are four essential sorts of bonds accessible and they are sold through the Government,corporations, state and local governments, and foreign governments.

The best thing about bonds is that you will recover your starting investment. This makes bonds the ideal investment vehicle for the individuals

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