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193% Returns In ACC Using Amibroker Daily Chart

Last month 17th March our TTTB Trading System has found a breakout trading opportunity in ACC using Amibroker daily chart. On that day ACC closed at 1277.05. So I started following ACC in cash as well as started to follow its next month’s call option. ACC April 1280CE was quoting at 52.90. As per TTTB this call option was a buy at this price.

Why to buy ACC? What is the entry rules of TTTB Trading System? Peak break Improving KRA line So BUY ACC at 1277.05 or BUY its April

Amibroker 6 Released, Amibroker 6 Free Download Link

Recently Amibroker has launched their new version Amibroker 6.00. I am personally using Amibroker since 2008 and from the Amibroker 5.00 version. In the last 7 years Amibroker has improved a lot and in every upgrade users has got lot many things. This time again a highly commendable job done by the Amibroker team and Mr. Tomasz. Amibroker has introduced many new features in their new version Amibroker 6.00.

Download Amibroker 6.00 from this page. Download the Amibroker 6 PDF guide from here.


Free Download Amibroker 5.90 Crack Full Working Version

Amibroker 5.90 is recently launched.

NOTE: This version works both as fresh first-time install and as in-place upgrade. Previous installation (if any) is detected and setup switches into ‘upgrade’ mode. Don’t worry, your charts, formulas, etc won’t be affected by the upgrade.

Download Amibroker 5.90 crack free from here.

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.90.1 (as compared to 5.90.0)

_SECTION_NAME() returned section name with tab character appended at the end. Fixed. Attempt to EDIT formula

Nifty On Budget Day – Why 8875 And 8690 Crucial?

Budget offer on trading systems at bottom of this page.

Before analyzing Nifty on Budget Day 2015 and readers first to remind you what I have written in my last analysis of Monday. If you have missed the post please read it here.

I have clearly written aggressive traders may try shorts in sudden intraday rallies, with SL above 19th February’s high, i.e. 8913.45 and go for targets 8744-8692-8640. YES, 8744-8692 got achieved. Could you short it or just watched from the sidelines.

Our <a href="

Nifty Next Week And Our Budget Offer On Trading Systems

Budget offer on trading systems at bottom of this page.

Nifty has reached its overbought zone and closed below its 3-day exponential moving average (8845.64). Price close to upper bollinger bands and short term stochastics indicator has given bearish crossover. Last week I clearly told to play longs in sudden intraday dips and time and again that strategy worked. But, definitely no new longs please now.

Nifty aggressive traders may try shorts in sudden intraday rallies, with SL above 19th February’s

Nifty – Consolidation Ahead, Try For Range Trading Now

It gives me immense pleasure when I receive than you mails from my clients / readers. Yes, last week I received a lot of messages after all my readers / clients have earned both on short-side and long-side.

What for Monday 16th February 2015 and the coming week: Nifty has played a lot in the last 2 weeks. No range trading seen in the last 2 weeks. Yes our readers has earned a lot both short-side and long-side. Now 61.8% level reached in long side fibonacci retracement. Do you feel

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